Criminal Cases


We have very many years of experience of dealing with criminal cases of all levels of seriousness, from representing the interests of clients in the Justice of the Peace Court (which was previously known as the District Court and which deals with the least serious criminal charges in Scotland), the Sheriff Court at both summary level (which involves the court hearing cases without a jury and having limited powers of sentence) and under solemn procedure (where trials take place before a jury with increased sentencing powers), and at the High Court of Justiciary (where the most serious criminal cases in Scotland are heard). If you require representation at any criminal court, we will be happy to discuss your case with you and, if appropriate, provide advice and representation. Legal aid cover may very well be available, depending upon the particular charge or charges, and your own financial circumstances.


Following the conviction of an accused person in a criminal court in Scotland and after the court has passed sentence in relation to the offence or offences of which the accused person has been convicted, it is open to the accused person to appeal against conviction and/or sentence, depending upon the particular circumstances of the case in question. We have particular experience of the law and procedures involved in criminal appeal work and are confident that we will be able to represent your interests in such cases with the benefit of many years of experience in relation to this particular field of law.